2021-22 Area of Research

The Rhône River

The Taurus Foundation for Arts and Sciences is pleased to announce a new area of research and experimentation for 2021-22 : the Rhone river.

Rising in a glacier in the Swiss Alps, 2209 m above sea level, the Rhone serpents through Switzerland for 290 km, flowing into Lake Geneva before it enters France, where it runs another 522 km. The river reaches its tail near the city of Arles, throwing itself in the Mediterranean Sea. A former battlefield, the Rhone ends in what marks one of Europe’s most contentious borders. As such, it invites us to reflect on a territory that both connects and separates…

Any artistic project devoted to part or the entire area of research will be considered. Applications are open to all, without restrictions of age or country of origin.

More information: how to apply?

Deadline to apply: September 30, 2021

The laureate’s work will be exhibited in 2022-2023 in Switzerland and in France. More news to come soon!