taurus prize
for Visual Arts

The Taurus Prize for Visual Arts is awarded every two years to a contemporary artist by a selection committee of professionals from within or outside the art world. Dedicated to a geographical area instead of a theme, the prize rejects the imposition of exterior narratives onto territories and promotes relevance and accuracy.

The area

Every two years, for each edition of the prize, a new area is designated. It can be the size of a street, a region or a country. The selection committee is renewed accordingly and composed of people from the area, or having thorough knowledge about it. All artists, who are familiar with it, who have a project about it or that it inspires, are invited to apply. In 2023, the Foundation chose the Nebbiu region, in Corsica.


Aside from its financial dimension, the Taurus Prize for Visual Arts (10.000 CHF) aims at supporting its laureates in the long run, and at developing a support system and a conversation about the laureates' projects. It also fosters collaborations and, more specifically, enables a partnership, renewed for each edition of the prize, between a Swiss and a foreign institution.

The award enables the laureate to travel to the area, if they does not live there, according to their schedule and to develop the project. The funds may only be used for this purpose.


May 2023

A new area is announced via an online call for projects.

October 2023

The selection committee meets to choose a laureate.

November 2023

The laureate is announced and the prize (10.000 CHF) awarded to him/her by the entire committee, in the presence of the board of the Taurus Foundation.

June 2024

Optional residency at Providenza in Corsica

September 2024

Finalization of the laureate's project.


Exhibition of the laureate's works on the area and in Switzerland.