Emilija Škarnulytė

Fluvial Extents

Laureate of the 2021-22 Taurus Prize for Visual Arts, Emilija Škarnulyte will develop a visual journey along the Rhone river via the Lake Geneva, between Switzerland and France. Speaking about her project Fluvial Extents, she said : “I am exploring the concept of deep time and invisible structures, from the cosmic and geologic to the ecological and political. In Fluvial Extents, I want to trace the flow of water, the world beneath the waves, trawling the benthic zones of the riparian and lacustrine for the lasting effects of human intervention. Working with photogrammetry and underwater lidar remote sensing, for Fluvial Extents I want to picture what was already lost beneath the flow of water of the Rhone River, what scars and stains humans are depositing there, and imagine what will appear and disappear in the wash of millennia. Tracing the flux of rivers and lakes, I want to explore both their hydrologies, mythologies, imagining through the depths of time what has already past and what is yet to come.”

In this new video, she presents the work in progress.

Emilija Škarnulytė – Taurus Foundation for Arts and Sciences